Environmental Stewardship: By 2025, we’ll be aligned with the global rhythm of sustainability by adopting the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems (EMS).
Life Cycle Assessment: In the 2024 environmental product declaration (EPD), we state our transparency in communicating the environmental performance and impact of our granite sinks over their lifetime.
Digital Harmony: We are transitioning our printed instructions to an online space, where you can easily access HELIKA Sinks installation and maintenance information. This shift is not just about going digital; it’s about reducing our footprint and saving an impressive 250 trees each year!
Sustainable Packaging: Every package is made of recycled 5-layer cardboard, reflecting our commitment to reuse and reduce.
Recycled Accessories: The accessories we offer, like strainers or siphons, are made from recycled plastic, giving new life to what was once discarded.
Circular Economy: When a sink doesn’t meet our standards, we shred and transform it into material for roads, paving the way for a greener future.

In everything we do, we’re mindful of the place and impact, choosing a path that’s kinder to our planet and aligned with the slow living movement’s serene stride.