Product composition & advantages

SILICSANA®: the ultimate material

SILICSANA® granite composite is a unique material that:

• Is composed of 80% quartz sand, which is one of the hardest minerals on earth.

• Transforms into a robust and smooth granite composite with the help of traditional production methods and advanced processing technology.

• Guarantees the high quality of SILICSANA® material, which is resistant to scratches, stains, heat, and impacts.

• Is developed in collaboration with the best German manufacturers of composite components, who have created a unique resin and filler mix.

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    Superior stability

    Durable and high-performance kitchen sinks that can withstand daily use.

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    Reliable durability

    Kitchen sinks that meet highest safety standards: quality and reliability guaranteed for 15 years.

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    A non-porous and smooth surface

    The kitchen sink is low-maintenance because the material prevents liquids and substances from penetrating it


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    Thermal resistance

    Our SILICSANA® kitchen sinks have a high thermal resistance. They keep their shape and function even at high temperatures.

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    Resistant to chemical solvents and stain marks.

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    Water temperature variations

    Designed to tolerate sudden changes in water temperature.

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    Resistant to sharp objects and will not get damaged.

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    Color stability

    UV rays have no impact on the color quality of the SILICSANA® material.

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    Impact effect

    SILICSANA® sinks resist breaking under impacts.



Sand BEIGE (110) and ivory SILICA (111) are practical choices, as water marks are almost invisible on kitchen sinks in these colors. The kitchen sinks can be harmonized with the prevailing steel or black hues of domestic appliances by utilizing BLACK METALLIC (601) and ALUMETALLIC (202) as the preferred SILICSANA® color options.The kitchen interior can be enhanced with a sense of cleanliness and purity by opting for kitchen sinks in the white SILICSANA® ALBA (710) color scheme. The MOCHA WARM (114) colored kitchen sinks have a subtle shade of milky coffee, which is ideal for a kitchen interior with soft brown tones. The modern, warm gray color of ARGENT (220) will fit perfectly into a Contemporary style kitchen. BLANCHED ALMOND (113) SILICSANA® kitchen sinks are great choice for cosy and light kitchen interiors.The kitchen sinks in the GRAPHITE (222) SILICSANA® color option have a dark blue hue that ideally suits a kitchen interior with cool tones.
  • 601 601
  • 222 222
  • 202 202
  • 220 220
  • 114 114
  • 110 110
  • 111 111
  • 113 113
  • 710 710
601 Black metallic

Stainless steel sinks

The stainless steel sinks are manufactured from AISI 304 steel.

HELIKA stainless steel sinks are made of 1-1.2 mm thick steel, which ensures stability and resistance to denting.

A satin polished surface facilitates effortless cleaning.


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    Polished satin

    Satin look surface

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    Quality steel

    Stainless steel 18/10

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    100% resistance to corrosion

  • quiet-icon


    With additional protection against noise

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    Stainless steel strainer

    Stainless steel strainer is included