About Us

COMPOTEXA is a proficient manufacturer of high quality kitchen and bathroom fittings, located in Lithuania. Our team consists of 85 professionals who are experts in their field. Our highly skilled and multilingual sales team is proficient in English, German, and Russian, enabling effective communication and engagement with a diverse range of clients. Over the past two decades, COMPOTEXA has been exporting to over 60 countries, serving the B2B segment worldwide. With an annual sales record of over 125 000 sinks, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner in the industry. Our company's management processes are ISO 9001-certified, emphasizing our commitment to maintaining rigorous standards. To ensure the highest quality, all of our products undergo rigorous laboratory testing, meeting the highest requested standards EN 13310:2015+A1:2018 for sinks and EN 14688:2015+A1:2018 for washbasins. Regular tests are conducted at our own laboratory and we also collaborate with international laboratories.

HELIKA® and TURTL® brands are known for their exquisite kitchen sinks, bathroom washbasins, and faucets. HELIKA®, meaning "snail" in Esperanto, replaces the previous AQUASANITA trademark for kitchen sinks. TURTL® also remains the beloved brand for bathroom washbasins. Both brands are inspired by nature and the idea of slowing down. COMPOTEXA invites you to create a harmonious space in your bathroom and kitchen, where you can prepare food and spend quality time with your loved ones and your family.

Inspired by the serene existence of water creatures such as turtles and snails, COMPOTEXA embraces the philosophy of slow living. With a deep passion for excellence, they constantly explore optimal designs for granite sinks and modern-style faucets, introducing innovative materials and maintaining an unwavering dedication to reliable and reasonable priced products. Recognising the importance of cherishing life's simple joys, like spending slow time at home, in your kitchen, near the sink, preparing the food for your loved ones, washing the dishes, baking cakes and having slow qualified time at home, COMPOTEXA prioritises overall well-being. Their core values of professionalism, teamwork, and responsibility drive them towards becoming a globally recognised brand that promotes sustainable living practises through their exceptional range of qualified and reliable products.