Stainless steel sink LUN101N-L|R


Sink dimensions: 780x500 mm

Bowl dimensions:
400x400 mm

Bowl depth: 200 mm

Material:  AISI304 stainless steel

Supplied with same color strainer AQF-001V

  • Mounting Type
    Mounting Type: Topmount
  • Cabinet Size
    Cabinet Size: 45 cm
  • Years of warranty
    Years of warranty: 5 years
  • R10 corner
    R10 corner: Yes
  • Stainless steel thickness
    Stainless steel thickness: 1,2 mm

• Daily. Rinse the sink with water after each use, clean water or soap stains and dry with a soft cloth. This will prevent mineral deposits.
• Periodic. Clean the dirt and grease with regular liquid or special stainless steel detergent. Rub the sink with the detergent in the direction of surface lines, great choice is HELIKA® SHINE cleaner. After cleaning, wash the remaining detergent or with water and dry the surface to avoid water stains, especially if the water is hard.
• Fingerprints. Fingerprint marks may be cleaned using soapy water or a special detergent and a soft cloth. After cleaning, polish the surface using a dry or polishing cloth.

We recommend entrusting the installation of the sink to professionals who have specialized knowledge and skills.

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Slow living inspired sinks

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