Kitchen faucet SABIA 5523

Material: brass
H: 335 mm, W: 172 mm
Cartridge type: 35 mm
Aerator type: Neoperl
Connection hoses: flexible G1/2“, 2pcs, length – 400mm

  • Handle rotation
    Handle rotation: 45 degree
  • Material
    Material: Brass
  • Years of warranty
    Years of warranty: 5 years

Clean the surface of the faucet regularly.
Abrasive agents CANNOT be used for cleaning.
Use for the cleaning natural products, that cause no damage to the, such as a mix of food vinegar and water or soapy water.
Use only soft cloths for the cleaning.

For the maximum customer satisfaction with the use of faucets, we recommend entrusting the installation to a professional.

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Slow living inspired sinks

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