Granite sink TPD101


Sink dimensions: 780x500 mm

Bowl dimensions: 430x430 mm

Bowl depth: 200 mm

Supplied with: strainer AQF-002V (AW) or AQL-002V (AWP)

  • Mounting Type
    Mounting Type: Topmount
  • Cabinet Size
    Cabinet Size: 50 cm
  • Number of Bowls
    Number of Bowls: 1
  • Strainers
    Strainers: AQF-002V (AW) or AQL-002V (AWP)

We recommend periodically cleaning the sink with mild detergents, preferably of a natural composition, containing no abrasive particles, e.g. HELIKA® CARE cleaner. Wipe with a soft sponge or cloth, then rinse with warm water and dry.It is recommended, after periodically cleaning the sink, to impregnate it with the usual oil that you use for cooking.

We recommend entrusting the installation work of the sink to professionals who have specialized knowledge and skills.

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Slow living inspired sinks

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